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It says I need to copy over some files, how do I do this?

For details on how to install the full game data see here: Installation Help. Remember you are always welcome to a full refund on any app if you want, please contact for a refund.

My graphics are all messup up on Wolfenstein 3D

You need to update you WL6 files, go to the ECWolf download page, download and use the 'Patch Utility'

Can you please port Half Life/KOTOR/MoH/Thief/X-Wing etc..

Most of the game ports done are only possibly because the original game publisher has kindly released the source code. So unless the source code has been officially released it is probably not possible for us to port the game. Please check if the code has been released, here is a list of possible games:

How to use Mods or custom Wads in Doom?

Please see the Doom game page here: Doom Touch